To Whom it May Concern:

Notes to broken people from a broken girl.

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Anonymous asked: Thanks for being you. I don't follow you but I check in now and then to follow your life. Your poetry is amazing and you combine the erotic, the powerful, and the oddly fragile in one perfect package. You have so much warmth to give and seem so understanding, I hope your professional goal includes helping people one day. I feel you would be the least likely to judge. Stay great!

These words! Unff. I feel so loved

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Anonymous asked: Love your last pic set! Dying to see the non PG set. May I?

Hmm perhaps I can put up some more non PG photos :p

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Dec 26.13. Merry boxing day.

I havent posted in a long while.
Mostly because my life is consuming me so much that I have no more need to fill the holes I once had with virtual ‘friends’.

From now on I will continue to post writings, photos and daily activities of my life.

Feel free to unfollow if you dont want to see my happiness unfolding.

Today I am going to a beautiful waterfall in Panama with my new family.
We will hike up to the waterfall, go swimming and then have lunch on a dormant volcano.

Merry Belated Christmakkuh and Happy boxing day for those of you who love to shop (normally thats me as well, but im trading in my material goods for new landscapes, a cold beer on the beach and surfing).

<3, Lyss

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This is it. Ohhhh.

Okay. Yeah I remember that board.
The one that has sweet edges. The one I haven’t rode yet? My board.

I feel that every time I go out. Do you? No. That’s not the rush you get. That’s not the feeling that pushes for a perfect Set It’s my flow. My ridge. What I wanna do So come with me and I can educate you.

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you have only 

seen yourself
two times

taking a picture
and looking at the
image and staring
in the mirror and
looking at your

you don’t get to see
the way your eyes
light up when you talk
about something
you love

and you can never
see how beautiful
you look when you
really smile

it’s really is kinda
sad that never
actually seen yourself

but I can promise you
I will be here everyday
to tell you what i see


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